SSC – 9/15/21


Call to Order (Chairperson)

Approval of the Agenda (Action) (Chairperson)

Submission of Minutes from August 25, 2021 meeting (Information) (Chairperson)

Advisory Committee Reports (Title I/DPAC/ELAC/DELAC) (Chairperson)

New Businesses:

  1. SPSA Update (Action)                                                                                 (Mrs. Schultz)
  2. SPSA Review (Information) (Mrs. Schultz)
  3. After-school tutoring Update (Information) (Mrs. Schultz)
  4. Strengths (Information) (Principal)

Principal’s Report (Information) (Principal)

Public and Oral Communication: (Chairperson)

Adjournment and Next Meetings: October 20, 2021 (Chairperson)

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