We are proud to offer a wide variety of clubs here at Montgomery High School! There is something for everyone, so please check out the list of clubs we offer and attend a meeting to find out more information:

For information on any of the clubs in this list, please contact the club faculty advisor or club president.

Montgomery High School Clubs

Didn’t see a club that you are interested in? You can start one by finding a certificated member on staff (teacher, counselor, or librarian) to advise your club and fill out the application below. 


Applications for Club Charters

Application for Athletic Charters

***All club charters are reviewed and approved/denied at the ASB meeting on Fundraisers and Related Forms

Advisor/Coaches Handbook


All fundraisers must be pre-approved by ASB before you can have them.

Fill out the Fundraising Application Form below.

ASB meets every Tuesday at 3pm, so all requests must be submitted by 3pm on the Monday before the meeting.

Fundraiser Application Form

ASB Money Deposit Form deposit form (Fillable) / HOW TO INFORMATION

Deposit Back up Forms

Club Meeting Minutes

Purchase Order/Prior Approval Form

Check Request

Voluntary Participation Form

W-9 Independent Contractor Fillable Form

Advisor/Coaches Handbook

Officials Voucher


During distance learning, all documents should be submitted electronically using our MOH ASB Virtual Dropbox. 

MOH ASB Virtual Dropbox