Visual and Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts

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The arts are a dynamic presence in our daily lives, enabling us to express our creativity while challenging our intellect. Through the arts, children have a unique means of expression that captures their passions and emotions and allows them to explore ideas, subject matter, and culture in delightfully different ways. Achievement in the arts cultivates essential skills, such as problem solving, creative thinking, effective planning, time management, teamwork, effective communication, and an understanding of technology.

Beginning art is a study of the creative process including the utilization of the elements of art and principles of design vocabulary.

Advanced Art focuses on a higher level of conceptual creativity. Students create a portfolio of work to demonstrate enquiry through art and design and development of materials, processes, and ideas over the course of a year.

The AP Art and Design course framework presents an inquiry-based approach to learning about making art and design. Students are expected to conduct an in depth, sustained investigation of materials, processes, and ideas.

Band offers the study of musical instruments, including woodwinds, brass, and percussion. VAPA also offers a guitar class that gives students the opportunity to learn how to read music and learn how to play a guitar.