Alma Mater and Fight Song

Alma Mater
Up on the hill of glory
Our alma mater rings
which tells of Aztec Stories
The memories that they’ll bring
We hail the red, the white, and blue
Our loyalty won’t die
We honor you we’ll all be true

Fight Song
Go Red, Go White, Go Blue, Fight Fight!
The Aztec Team is going to win this Game tonight.
Mighty Mighty Aztecs, that’s our name
Power and Victory and we’re on to fame.
All Hail the Red, the White, and the Blue,
As Aztecs we’ll be true.
We’re on the warpath,
all will fear our strength.
Hey, Montezuma, we’re with you!

M-O-N-T-G  O-M-E-R-Y Aztecs Aztecs Fight Fight Fight!!