Montgomery Media Institute (KMMI)


KMMI has been a fully funded California Partnership Academy since the year 1990. The California Partnership Academy model is a three-year program (grades ten-twelve) structured as a school-within-a-school. Academies incorporate integrated academic and career technical education, business partnerships, mentoring, and internships.

The Mission of the Montgomery Media Institute (KMMI) is to establish an active partnership among Montgomery High School, local community colleges, universities, and media-based businesses and freelancers in order to

  1. Provide extraordinary learning opportunities in the areas of television broadcasting, news reporting, video production, computer graphic arts, and newspaper and other print publication production to high school students, as well as members of the Montgomery High community,
  2. Provide the best theoretical and practical training in these media fields,
  3. Prepare students for a smooth transition from high school to community college to 4-year universities and beyond, and
  4. Provide a pool of qualified interns to businesses and individuals who are involved with our academy and want to offer opportunities for students to get experience and practice in the real world of media through internships and job shadowing experiences, thereby providing opportunities for student and graduate job placement in the media industry and local businesses.

KMMI Courses Include:

For Sophomores:

  • KMMI English Media 10
  • World History Media
  • Biology or Chemistry KMMI
  • Intro to Media

For Juniors:

  • KMMI English Media 11
  • U.S. History Media
  • Biology or Chemistry KMMI
  • Multimedia (articulated with Southwestern College, students can receive college credit if the receive an 80% or above in the course)

For Seniors:

  • KMMI English Media 12
  • U.S. Government Media
  • Economics KMMI
  • Tele-Video Production


Job Shadowing: We match students interest with professionals is media-based career, some of whom are former KMMI graduates. While job shadowing, you get to meet the individual, get to know what their job is exactly, and then get to spend an entire day with them. You get to see what their job is and exactly what they do throughout the day, getting to be physically in their job and seeing if that is what you would like to do.

Internships: some paid and some unpaid, are becoming available for our KMMI star students who really put in the effort to qualify for this opportunity.  One former student, Mauricio Marin, took advantage of a paid internship at KGTV 10 for the summer.

Field Trips: are media based as well. You get to go somewhere and see places that widen your knowledge. You will be invited to participate in something as simple as taking pictures at the San Diego Zoo, or something even more unique like going to a television station to see what it takes everyday. The possibilities are endless.

Mentorships: are a big part of our program.  Juniors and Seniors who are ready to roll are assigned Mentors from the media field who help them with their projects and take them under their wing.  Lifelong business and personal relationships are often a result.

KMMI is responsible for the daily bulletin and our daily news broadcast.
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